Guam Marriage Practices

Typ­i­cal Guam mar­riage tra­di­tions do not adapt the Amer­i­can online dat­ing safe­ty tips tra­di­tions dat­ing an guam woman of mar­i­tal life. The island includes a his­to­ry of matri­lin­eal com­mu­ni­ties that put in place mar­riages. How­ev­er , the tra­di­tions will be los­ing effect on the island. In fact , the major­i­ty of rela­tion­ships do not con­form to the tra­di­tion­al tac­tics of Guam.

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Chamor­ros have a very good cul­tur­al iden­ti­ty and do not want to fol­low Amer­i­can tra­di­tions. They would like to main­tain all their tra­di­tions and main­tain typ­i­cal val­ues of their past. A few of these matri­lin­eal lega­cies con­tin­ue to exist in reli­gious tra­di­tions.

In pre-colo­nial Guam, mat­ri­mo­ny was put in place by the head of an clan. This kind of was obvi­ous­ly a way to strength­en the clan’s influ­ence in near­by dis­tricts. Mar­riages were also assem­ble to boost the clan’s posi­tion. Ladies were not in order to mar­ry out­side of their clan. This was due to the tra­di­tion of girls lead­ing prayers.

Young men would advise their par­ents of their inten­tion to mar­ry. The fam­i­ly may then con­sent to the mar­riage. They would gen­er­ate a for­mal request for the bride’s hand. The girl’s rel­a­tives would need to demon­strate reluc­tance at first. The kid would there­fore arrange for an easy mar­riage cer­e­mo­ny.

The cou­ple would def­i­nite­ly meet with their very own par­ents to plan the wed­ding. The woman will often live at home till she is mar­ried. The bride’s fam­i­ly would be the most impor­tant guests at the wed­ding.

The bride’s fam­i­ly would prob­a­bly hold a pre-wed­ding par­ty called fan­dang­go. Fan­dang­go is def­i­nite­ly held in overnight time and is devot­ed to the star of the wed­ding and her par­ty. The cer­e­mo­ny usu­al­ly lasts for sev­er­al hours.

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